Monday, September 19, 2011

Trying to disappear the tire gunk

I'm all about relieving one's stress, right? So, I have, and thus as a result have felt a little better. "Mothers Monday," is a site for mothers and fathers, to discuss the annoyances and beauties of parenting. I choose to vent the "uglies" because, so many of us don't have a safe haven to vent our frustration and we are human and do get boggled down.
Remember, be human and responsible for one's actions.
We all get boggled down, yet we must find our own way to "vent" and channel the frustration and not take it out on any one--especially an action that will haunt you and have even the remote chance of a moral consequence, so remember that! Find a way to charge up so all you can do is offer the best one has to offer to our children and families...
Find a way to try to disappear the tire gunk...
be human...and follow your Path of Will.

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