Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alien nation?

So, this really didn't happen, BUT our nations 'ARE PREPARED', so don't fear

Alien nation? No, I'm not referring to our Nation with 'illegal alien insinuations', rather literal Space Aliens.

How to fight an 'A-symmetric war?'
Hmm, and I'm not particularly fond of speaking of unknown things beyond my intelligence.
I'm dealing with my own 'A-symmetrical war', as my hubby is watching National Geographic channel.

Did you know there was an 'International office of Protocol' for contact with aliens? Well, neither did I! UN committee.
Supposedly our government is monitoring them.
5000 miles above the Earth, this is being monitored.
Communication happenes in a sequence of prime numbers-communication via a universal language.
So, are you weak minded? Do you believe in any of the above that I shared with you? Well, not that your weak minded or not, this is all that was shared via National Geographic, as a 'hypothetical/possibility of an Alien attack on our nation.
Interesting, huh?
Remember, this is all hypothetical...
Continue to Be human and help one another out...
Be well

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