Friday, November 4, 2011

Bath time anyone?

So, it's late, but I proceed to tell my girls, "Honey's, go get in the shower.", as I sit and focus on writing. I'm not a'pushover Mother', but I consider myself rational and not a control freak. I speak lovingly to them, as my elder child makes the first move toward the bathroom. "Honey, get your pj's ready in the meantime that sissy is showering." My younger daughter walks into the room where I sit and write. She walks in with purse in hand and a scarf around her waist, "Is this how adult women wear their skirts, with a slit down the center? This is how, huh? She requests my attention. I'm just starting to brew, after a long, tedious 3 years worth of lack of adequate sleep. I abruptly demand she remove the 'skirt' and head for her bedroom for some comfy night time wear. "But, can't I just wear this?" She rebuttals back. Water shuts off 10 mins. later. "Honey, did you get your comfy clothes, sissy is done now." She heads to the bathroom, where elder child stands and requests she get out. "Mom, she doesn't want me to get in," calls out the younger one. I cringe as I overhear, "Move out of the way, it's cold." screeching to the younger one. The door slams shut. Two steps later, the younger one comes in crying. "Juan!" I holler. "Juan?" I holler again. My younger one standing before me. "What?" a reply from the bathroom. The younger one stands, tears rolling down her face, as she replies to the elder one, "Nothing, she's calling for daddy!" I sit in disbelief with all that is happening! Finally, the younger one heads back to the bathroom and makes it in, for her 'shower.' As I sit, trying to focus and get back on track, I hear the bathtub run and water ebb and flow. "Mom, can she take a bubble bath?" "Uh, no, can you shut off the water!" I scream at the top of my lungs-of course, no one hears, as I keep it all in. "Mom, can I? I wanna play and..." "No, shut off the water!" I demand. Finally, I hear the voice that I had requested 10 minutes earlier! "What do you need?" He asks me. I sit flustered and want to give him a tour of what I just experienced, but too late, he walks into the bathroom, shuts door behind and...water continues to ebb and flow! "Uhh!" Suddenly, he calls out for our elder daughter. Whether she ignores or perhaps doesn't 'hear him'--(wink wink),trust me, it's happened more than once! He shouts once again for her. "Ya?" Still no immediate response of her flying down the hall to hear why her name is being called! "Hey!" he requests for her again. I roll my eyes in silence, trying to focus on writing. Finally, I hear what I wanted to hear 5 mins prior! I see her silhouette from the corner of my eye. She opens the bathroom door to where her father greets her, and sis is enjoying her... bubble bath! Should I have saved myself the trouble and wince of just giving in to tub time at midnight? Ya, I think so! From behind the ajar door, I can hear, elder daughter and father, exchanging what they each think should be done about a particular situation-bath tub water got too high and spilt over! Yes, you know it! The skin on the back of my neck is in full electrocution mode--standing straight up! With them three in the bathroom and I... I well, let's just say I'm not focusing, rather just sitting back with pen in hand and thoughts are crisscrossing, like the veins that intersect about my hands. Suddenly, I hear a sigh walk out of the bathroom. Daughter walks out, comes in my room, "guess what mommy?" Following behind her is my husband, with a sigh and rolling of the eyes; what a stressful situation on my poor husband! I hear cheering and singing and the echo of toys, hitting up against the bathtub. Aah... I need a one in the morning bath!

Does this exist in your home or only my alien home! Tell me yours...

Be well and prosper...


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