Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday events

Sunday events--start with a message:

Don't be 'Cold as ice', cuz your not, you're human!
Why human nature consists of vacant actions, up until it's convenient?
When one's successful, when one dies, THEN they step up.
But, in the meantime, 'where were you?'
It's a hard lesson to live by.
I know.
What about the part where you know 2 people want one thing from the other, and you're in the middle to try and facilitate this 'transaction' of sorts, and it still bites you in the ass! I never learn! I just wanna help, that's all.
Vacant actions when one needs the help. Vacant actions when one is in dire need, yet others choose not to see and instead, judge.
All what I do and have done is by means of a 'do it now' action.
Do you live the same way? What is the difference between those people and you? Do we live 'free-er', a more happy prosperous filled life? I hope
to believe so, but we'll see, in due time...
Happy Sunday events, ya'll...
Be HUMAN and Be nice to one another. Life is too short.

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